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November Newsletter

Welcome“That kid needs a job!” As the holidays draw near and we are busy getting things ready, don’t forget to have your child help with the preparations. Children love to help and can do more than you think. I always remind the teachers don’t do something for a child that they could do for themselves. Below is a fun craft that your child can make for everyone coming to dinner. They suggest using felt but I would just cut a toilet paper tube in half and have them glue on the buttons.  I hate to add a picture of what it will look like as it is a lot more fun to let the children use their imaginations. Blessings,Kim Porcheddu

These colorful table setting decorations really capture the flavor of the holiday — and make a fun project for kids to work on a day or two before the big day.

• Felt

• Popsicle sticks

• Tacky glue

• Small paintbrush

• Buttons in assorted colors (you can buy them by the bag in many craft stores)

1.      For each napkin ring, cut a 4- by 5 1/2-inch piece of felt. Starting at one short end of the rectangle, glue on 12 Popsicle sticks (it’s less messy if you use a small paintbrush to spread the glue), lining them up side by side. You should end up with a margin of uncovered felt at the end.
2.      Once the glue dries, form a ring by gluing the overlapped felt together
3.     Now comes the fun part: glue on rows of buttons, alternating the colors to resemble an ear of Indian corn. Let the glue dry completely.

4.     When it’s time to use the rings, roll up corn-husk-colored napkins. Insert one in each ring so that a portion extends above the cob.

• Musical Notes

The 2’s and 3’s classes are very busy learning the Christmas songs for their program on December 8th. They are learning motions to all the songs to help them learn the lyrics. Numerous movements to the lyrics are being done with American Sign Language. They have learned at least ten “signs” so far, ask them to “sign” the following words; Jesus, friend, love, morning, sleeping, Christ, follow, and end.All children need to learn and hone the skills of rhythm recognition, performance and repetition. Teaching rhythm to children is fun because it is a hands-on activity full of creative movements (which we covered last month). After teaching and mastering rhythm, the kids will beat out their own rhythms. Teaching rhythm to preschoolers taps into this early capacity for hearing, recognizing, imitating, and creating various patterns of beats. We will begin with simple imitation as the students “echo” me. Then they will be asked to clap, stomp, or make other body-percussion sounds. Then they will play instruments such as drums, rhythm sticks, or tambourines. Continuing the same imitation game the students will repeat the patterns they heard on their instruments. We will experiment with tempo and dynamics. In the echoing game, the pattern will be varied by using fast rhythms, slow rhythms, loud sounds, and soft sounds. I have chosen several different songs to play for the children and have them play along.– Mrs. Bessie

• All About Art

The unit of study for November focuses on lines.  We will discover many kinds of lines, and practice surprising ways to use them. We will discover how to use lines to define a shape, and how to place them in space to create a unified design. We will learn to define “spacial” relationships with lines (both real and imaginary) by placing them in an empty space to imply different positions on our page. We are beginning to unify the major elements in art just as God unifies all our elements to make us whole. – Mrs. Gayle

• Science

You are what you eat!  November is all about nutrition and learning about the importance of healthy eating.  We will sort, group, and discover food groups.  We will play games, sample new fruits and veggies and begin to understand how to make food choices that make us strong, and keep us learning and growing.  It should prove to be a yummy month!
***Please take the opportunity to explore our pumpkin graveyard at the far end of the parking lot, perpendicular to Pool.  We began the month with nice, glossy pumpkins.  We talked and read about how things decay.  Science is “in progress” in that graveyard!  Take a look!!*****– Mrs. Anna

• Chapel

Chapel has been going great this year.  The children are beginning to learn to worship and pray.  This month we will be learning about Adam, Joseph, and the ten lepers.  We will also be talking about being thankful. A great way to drive thankfulness home would be to find a project in which you and your child could serve together to help someone else.


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