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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

September Newsletter


The past two weeks have been amazing, we love seeing all our friends from last year and meeting new friends. If
you were unable to attend the parent meeting before school started or if you are interested in learning more about
Compass Christian Preschool and volunteering for us please join us on Thursday, September 20th at 1:15pm
upstairs in room 220. In October, we will need volunteers to help with Pumpkin Waffles, Book Fair and our field trip
to Hall’s Farm. At 12:30pm, on September 20th, we will have a substitute orientation meeting upstairs in the
mezzanine. You will receive a packet to fill out and important information about substitute teaching in the
Article of the Month – from http://www.mamashealth.com
Most medical professionals, as well as educators, agree that the ages of three to five are crucial periods in a
child’s education and development. Enrolling a child in a pre-school program will help to lay the foundation for
academics, social interaction skills, as well as build self esteem and self confidence in a child.
What Pre-School Can Do for Your Child
Children between the ages of three and five are ready to learn. Curiosity is high in this age group and pre-schools
meet the needs of the child. If the child’s inner curiosity is not met with activities and answers, it could possibly
diminish his or her future academic performance.
Children in this age group have a wide range of interests. If these interests are discovered and encouraged at a
young age, it will lay the groundwork for a love of learning. For instance, a child who has a love for scribbling and
is encouraged will generally learn to write earlier than other children.
Children who are enrolled in pre-school learn the importance of character through the praise and encouragement
they receive through displaying hard work and responsibility. This leads to positive self worth, as well as fostering
good study skills, in a child.
What Is Known About Pre-SchoOL
Pre-school children are more likely to learn to read and they become better readers than children who never
attended pre-school.
Children who attend pre-school are more likely to graduate from high school and continue onto college.
Children who attend pre-school are less likely to need public assistance when they are adults.
Children who attend pre-school are less likely to be incarcerated or arrested when they are older teens and
Regardless if a child attends pre-school or not, caregivers remain the most important influence on a child’s life.
Children in this age group should live in a positive learning environment, and should be introduced to a wide range
of experiences.
How caregivers respond to a child is critical. A caregivers attitude toward a child’s curiosity and interests will shape
the child’s self image and feelings of self worth for the remainder of his or her life. Children know that parents are
their biggest fans or supporters. If they do not feel they live up to a parent’s expectations, or if the child feels they
are unimportant, it can do much damage to a child’s self image and future academic performance and success


All children at Compass Christian Preschool attend chapel on a weekly basis. Children in the One and Two-Year-Old Classes attend chapel in the common area outside their classrooms on Tuesday mornings. The teachers take turns teaching the children basic bible stories and singing songs. Information about Chapel will go home each week in your child’s classroom newsletter. Children in the Three, Four and Transitional Kindergarten Classes attend chapel on Thursday afternoons. In Chapel the children will sing praise songs to God and learn about God’s truth. Family Life Pastor, Louie Murillo and Worship Pastor, Caleb Miller will lead your children in a chapel each week. Your child will probably come home telling you about “The Chapel Guys” while singing praise songs. They will focus on key scriptures each week that will help your child to understand God’s truth. We will also send home a weekly Chapel Chat that will help you dig deeper into the lesson at home If you are looking for a church home please check out the Compass Church Website at



The month of September is all about COLOR. We will discuss primary and secondary colors first and how they combine to make a basic color wheel. We will learn how to mix secondary colors from primary colors in some fun ways. Then we will find out where white and black fit on the color wheel, and how they affect the other colors. – Mrs. Gayle

Musical Notes

We have a new music teacher this year, Mrs. Suzanne. All of the children visit Mrs. Suzanne once a week. The children in the three-year-old program will present a Christmas Program in December and children in our four-year-old program will present a special program and graduation in May. Mrs. Suzanne attended an extensive workshop with “Music Together” this summer at Texas Christian University. For more information about Music Together please visit their website at http://musictogether.com/.


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