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October Newsletter


October is National Anti-Bullying Awareness Month. Bullying is the most common form of violence in schools. Most

people think of the physical aggression and social sniping that characterizes bullying as starting around late

elementary school and stretching through high school. But, believe it or not, bullying among preschoolers is more

common than you think. Because the behavior is typically associated with older kids, it is often overlooked during

the younger years, when it’s hard to tell the difference between normal social experimentation and emergent

bullying behavior.

At Compass Christian Preschool, we take bullying and positive social behavior very seriously. The Bible instructs

us on how to show love as parents, friends, husbands, wives and to others in Christ. How do we speak to each

other? How does God require us to love each other? We teach this to the children using both the Bible and a

program through Peace Education. In the Bible, God tells us in Leviticus 19:18, Do not seek revenge or bear a

grudge against one of your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the LORD.

Not only do we teach this in the classrooms but our Child Advocate, Patti Langsdale works with the children each

Friday to instill these principles in the children. The rules we follow at school can easily be followed at home as

well. For more information about Peace Education visit their website at www.peaceeducation.org.




1. We Listen To Each Other

2. Hands Are For Helping, Not Hurting

3. We Use I Care Language

4. We Care About Each Other’s Feelings

5. We Are Responsible For What We Say And Do




In October, the children in the One and Two Year Old Classes will be exploring the colors blue and orange as well

as fall and circles. Children in the Four Year Old Program and Friday Enrichment Programs will be learning about

Lines and Shapes. Thick lines, thin lines, zig-zag lines, curvy, etc. and how they can make themselves into

shapes. The Transitional Kindergarten students will learn about Lines and Shapes as well as studying famous

artists, Van Gogh and Georgia O’Keefe. They children will learn how these artists incorporated line and shape into

their works of art.




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