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November Newsletter


As the seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas draw closer, I wanted to share some tips on how to make this time

less stressful for your preschool child. We all know that this special time of year can be stressful on adults but it

can also be stressful for our young children.

1. Remember that meeting large groups of new people can be scary for young children. Our family naturally

feels a bond with our children but to our children some of them are strangers. Take time looking at photos of family

members who will be visiting and talking about who they are and what they like to do. With family members who

live far away, you often have to remind them that preschool children need some time to warm up to them in the

beginning. NEVER force a child to hug an adult, even a family member. Let them get to know the family members

before you expect them to show affection.

2. Maintain your normal routine as much as possible. Young children need and want a daily routine. They can

often become grouchy and anxious if they are off their normal schedule especially when it comes to bedtime,

naptime or when they wake in the morning. Young children do not have the cognitive and verbal skills to let you

know what is bothering them. Spending the day at the mall might seem like fun to you but it is too much for most

children. They are not able to say “Daddy, I am tired and would really like to go home now”. Instead, they will

whine, cry and throw a fit, you know your child best so plan accordingly.

3. Have the children help prepare for the festivities. They can set the table, make decorations, design and color

placemats and other fun chores. Remember it is the process not the product that is important – don’t “fix” what

they help with, everything does not have to be perfect.

4. Sneak away for some one on one time with your child. Go read a book, snuggle, take a nap together or go on

a walk. Sometimes we all need to get together for some quiet time.

I don’t know about your family but this applies to mine – “ Families are like fudge – mostly sweet with a few nuts”.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Break!

Kim Porcheddu



As Thanksgiving nears, our thoughts linger over warm memories of family and friends gathering around to

celebrate the goodness and blessings of the past year. In music class, we are going to celebrate the season

by cooking up some moves. We will dance All Around the Kitchen, pick some Paw Paws, jam to Playin’ in

the Kitchen, and shake, shake, shake our egg shakers. A turkey or two may find their way into the music

room. The children in the three-year-old program will be learning the songs for the Christmas program on

December 13th 2012.

– Mrs. Suzanne




November 6 – Election Day! Wear Red, White and Blue

Children in the Three, Four and Transitional Kindergarten Classes will attend a short presentation on voting

and then they will be able to cast their vote for president.

November 13 – Circus Train Rides

November 15 – Three-Year-Old Classes Thanksgiving Feast @ 12:15pm

November 16 – Four-Year-Old Classes and Transitional Kindergarten Thanksgiving Play and Feast at

11:30am with dismissal following the Feast.

November 20 – 23 – Thanksgiving Break

November 29 – Brown Day and 1:00pm Parent Meeting in the Mezzanine – “What is Love and Logic?”



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