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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

March Newsletter

From the Director:
On Thursday, March 28th, I will be offering a parenting workshop on Kindergarten Readiness. All parents who have children in our four year old and transitional kindergarten classes are encouraged to attend. You will be given information about kindergarten registration and how to prepare yourself and your child for the kindergarten experience.

The main goal in our four-year-old and transitional kindergarten programs is to prepare your child for kindergarten. We focus on each child as an individual and giving them small group and one on one instruction which is key to helping them succeed. Most parents worry about their child’s cognitive development but we really need to be concerned about the “whole child”. They need to feel good about themselves, be able to take care of their personal needs, know how to be a good friend and how to follow rules. Furthermore, the Research and Policy Committee of the Committee for Economic Development states that “Helping all children start school ready to learn is critical to their future success and to the well-being of society as a whole. Children who start school behind their peers are unlikely to catch up. Children who enter kindergarten with limited word reading skills are the most likely to develop later reading difficulties and require remedial education.”
Below are the links to several local school districts in the area and the enrollment requirements for their individual districts. It is helpful to get started early to make sure you have everything ready for kindergarten round up in late April and May.

CISD – Link
GCISD – Link
KISD – Link

ART News
In March, we are experimenting with different methods of painting. We will be using techniques to create designs with texture and specific color combinations. We will talk about complementary colors and use them in a design.

The last part of the month will be dedicated to watercolor painting and learning how watercolors
work. In the TK class we will concentrate of landscaping painting. The artist we will study is Grandma Moses. We will use similar techniques to create our very first acrylic painting on canvas.

Musical Notes
March to the beat of your own drum! Marching and drumming is our theme this month! We will be learning how to create different rhythms using small lap drums. There is no better way to explore music than by learning simple rhythms and experimenting with those rhythms during free play. Children love to listen to music and play along. The bebop band will be playing along to an Irish jig in honor of St. Patty’s Day.

Important Dates
March 2nd – Dr. Seuss’s Birthday
March 5th – Green Eggs and Ham Day
March 7th – Chapel – Fours Parents Invited to Attend
March 9th – Time Change
March 12th – 15th – Spring Break
March 19th – Spirit Day
March 21st – Chapel – Threes Parents Invited to Attend
March 28th – Green Day and 1:00pm Kindergarten Readiness Meeting
March 29th – No School – Bad Weather Make Up DayGCI

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