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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

March Newsletter

From the Director
I love playdough! I love the kind you buy from the store because of its distinct smell and texture. I love homemade playdough because you can make so many different colors and add different scents to it. It always amazes me that so many of the children who come to school have never played with playdough. When I ask parents about it they usually say it’s too messy or they did not think their child would use it properly. Yes, it can be messy and it does require some adult supervision but the benefits outweigh the inconvenience. It is a great way to build up muscle strength in their hands which helps with handwriting skills. It promotes social skills as the children talk about what they are making and how the playdough feels and smells. When you make the playdough together you are teaching your children math and science concepts and skills. It is a great go to activity for when your child is bored or you want to do something fun on a rainy day. Please click here to learn more about the Power of Playdough.

Teacher’s Birthdays
12th – Marcy McHenry (Sea Otters)
15th – Christian Moulds (Jeep Class)

Important Dates
4th – Green Eggs and Ham Day
6th – TK Parents invited to chapel
8th – Daylight Savings Time Begins
10th – 14th – Spring Break
18th – Spirit Day
20th – Four Year Old Class Parents invited to chapel
25th – Team Kason T-Shirt Day
27th – Green Day

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