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Summer Fun Ideas

Summer Fun Ideas
It can be hard for parents to think of activities to keep their little ones busy. Below is a list of ideas from A to Z for you to use to keep your child busy and happy.

• A is for Acting – Have your children act out their favorite bible stories. Help them make costumes and a set.. When they are done you can video tape them and send it to their grandparents.
• B is for Blocks – Pull out your child’s block set and encourage them to build something. Don’t make them clean it up right away, help them find details and extra items to add to their creation. Take a picture of what they have created.
• C is for Cardboard Boxes – Children love boxes of all sizes. Let them tape them together, cut holes in them (with your help) and even paint them. These boxes could be houses, churches, buildings, firehouses, hospitals and eventually whole communities.
• D is for Dirt – Help your child plant a garden (things they can eat are best) and teach them how to care for it.
• E is for Easels – Put their easel outside and give them some paints.
• F is for Forts – Help your child build a fort. They can take a nap in it, “camp” in it one night and just have fun in it. We like to make ours under tables and between chairs.
• G is for Games – Try to play a board game every day until you have played all those games stored in your closet. You can do the same with puzzles.
• H is for Hand-Me-Downs – Have your child help you go through their clothes and toys. What can you give to those less fortunate? What can you discover that you forgot you had? What needs to “disappear” to the trash can?
• I is for Ice Cube Painting – In an ice cube tray (you can get them at the dollar store), put some food coloring or a little bit of washable paint in each cube hole, add some water and freeze. Once they are frozen, pop them out and let your child “paint” with them on paper. This is fun to do outside.
• J is for Journals – Start an “I am Thankful” journal with your child. Set time aside each day for your child to tell you what they are thankful for, write it down for them if they are not writing yet and/or let them draw a picture.
• K is for Knock, Knock Jokes – Children love Knock, Knock jokes. Go to the library or look online for some jokes to teach your child.
• L is for Laundry – Yes, I said laundry. Have your child help you sort and do the laundry. Teach them to match socks and fold washcloths.
• M is for Map – Map out all the parks around your house in a ten mile radius. Pack a lunch and try to visit them all at least once in the summer.
• N is for Notes – Sit down with your child and help them write a few notes. Who does your child think needs a “Thank You” note, who would they like to send a “Thinking of You” note to?? Maybe, their Sunday school teacher, a friend who is nice to them or a neighbor who always waves when you drive by.
• O is for is Outside – Go on a night walk outside. Bring a flashlight and see what you can find. We always find some fireflies and turtles.
• P is for Puzzles – Get out all the puzzles you own. Put them together; set aside the ones that are missing pieces. The preschool can always use jig saw puzzle pieces for art projects.
• Q is for Quiet Time – Children don’t get enough quiet time. Turn off the television and phone and sit with your child. Say a prayer together, teach them to meditate or just snuggle together and read them a bible story.
• R is for Reading – Read them an extra book each day. Children who are read to every day do better in school. GO TO THE LIBRARY!
• S is for Snack – Have them help you make a special snack. Let them help plan and prepare the snack. Sit with your child and enjoy snack time. Don’t forget to say your prayers.
• T is for Teddy Bears – Have your child help plan a special Teddy Bear Picnic. They can invite a few friends over with their bears. Have a picnic with the bears in your living room and read the book “The Teddy Bears Picnic”.
• U is for Umbrellas – Go for a walk if it is lightly raining outside.
• V is for Volcanoes – Make a volcano in a bottle with your child or look online for other kitchen experiments you can do with your child. Familyfun.com has many great ideas.
• W is for Weaving – Teach your child how to weave. Grab some yarn or ribbon and a berry basket and show them how to weave the yarn or ribbon in and out of the holes.
• X is for X-Rays – See if your doctor or dentist has some old x-rays they can give you. Show them to your child and talk about how everyone has the same bones inside no matter what we look like on the outside.
• Y is for Yarn – Give your child a spool of yarn, tie one end to a table leg and show them how to wander around the room, going over and under things. Pretty soon the room will look like a giant spider web.
• Z is for Zest – Find your inner child and have fun! Model having Zest for life and the excitement of each new day that God has given us.

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