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September Newsletter (Back to School Information!)


Welcome Back to School! We are so excited to have the children come back to school on Tuesday, September 9, 2014. Our staff has been working hard to get everything ready for you and your child. We have a few changes this year in regards to security and approved snacks. I will go over the details in this newsletter and again on Parent Night. Parent night is Thursday, September 4, 2014 from 6:00pm – 7:30pm. You can meet with your child’s teacher from 6:00pm – 6:30pm or 7:00pm – 7:30pm. These two time slots give you an opportunity to go to multiple classrooms if you have multiple children in the program. From 6:30pm – 7:00pm, we will all meet in the worship center to discuss school policies and procedures. This will also be the time that you can meet our new security officer, Mrs. Joy.

Each year our staff trains extensively in one area related to early childhood education. This year we are focusing on keeping our bodies healthy. Each month, I will share with you some ideas on ways you can focus on this at home. We hope to teach your child new ways to exercise, introduce them to new foods and ways to keep their bodies healthy. One of the questions that parents ask me most often is how to deal with picky eaters and making meal time more enjoyable. Below are a few pointers that might benefit you and your family.

· Start Small – smaller serving sizes, small textures, especially when introducing new or strange foods. Large amounts overwhelm and discourage children.

· Be Calm – don’t make a battleground out of meals. Forcing children to eat keeps them from learning to like and eat good food on their own. Never use food as a punishment or a reward.

· Shop Smart – give children a choice between good food and more good food. Buy foods for snacks and meals which taste good, but which have more than just sugar, fat and and calories. Cut out – or at least cut down – purchases of chips, soda, sweetened juice drinks, candy, etc.

· Make it Easy – for children to choose fruit, raw vegetables, real juice, nuts and cheese. Put them at the front of shelves and drawers. Put less healthy food out of sight.

· Let them Help – to shop for fruits and vegetables; to prepare salads, peel vegetables, make muffins and nut or fruit breads and peel hard boiled eggs.

· Set a Good Example – fix and taste food you have not tried or have not liked in the past. Let children know that it is also important for you, to learn to like new foods and to eat foods which help you feel good and stay healthy.

What about children who refuse to eat? This is a problem that bothers many parents, because they feel their children need to eat every meal and must somehow be “made to eat”.

· Preschool children may show their independence by refusing to eat. Sometimes, they just don’t feel like eating. That is ok, just make sure when they are hungry later you give them healthy choices.

· If this happens occasionally and your child seems to feel all right, just take away the food and let him or her wait until the next meal. No bribes, punishment or forcing.

· Skipped meals do not hurt healthy children. They won’t starve themselves unless food becomes a weapon against parents. If your child is ill, losing weight or continually refuses to eat, please talk to your pediatrician.

· Children have more taste buds than adults and are therefore more sensetive to flavors. Food with pepper or other spices may taste too hot or spicy for your child.

· Some children have issues with the texture of certain types of food. Food therapy is an option for those children who have a very limited number of foods that they will eat.

Enjoy your last few days with your child before school starts. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the preschool office.

– Kim

New Security Guidelines

· We have a new armed security officer, Mrs. Joy. She will be stationed at the end of the hallway before school starts in the morning until the building closes at the end of the day.

· ALL parents and anyone who REGULARLY picks up your child will need to be issued a photo id card. This card will be used to show security if you enter the building during school hours. We will provide you two cards free of charge. If you need more that two cards there is a $10 fee for each card and for replacements. We will have a photographer on site during Parent Night from 7pm – 8pm to take photos for these cards. You will be notified of other photo dates in the future.

· The preschool doors to enter the building will automatically unlock at 8:45am and lock at 9:15am. If you need to enter the building after 9:15am, you will need to enter at the front of the building by the coffee shop.

· Preschool administrative staff will be in the hallways during drop off and pick up.

· Starting at 9:15am and again at 3:15pm, administrative staff will start asking parents to clear the hallway. Please feel free to move to the coffee shop if you would like to visit with other parents.

· If you arrive after 9:15am or before 2:45pm you will need to enter the doors by the coffee shop. You will need to show your id card to our security officer. If you do not have your card you will not be able to enter the preschool area without a Compass Preschool staff member. There will be a cart so that you can leave items for your child that you forgot at home.

· The Cube will be open after school on Tuesdays unless we have issues with parents breaking the rules. Children will be required to stay in The Cube and not run around in the hallways. If a child needs to go to the restroom and parent MUST go with them. All children must have on socks. There is NO eating or drinking in The Cube. Children must be supervised at all times and children who are reported to be aggressive will be asked to leave.

· The outdoor playground are always available for your use. We ask that you leave it the way your find it and supervise your children at all times. Please follow the posted rules for the play areas.

New Approved Safe Snack List

Compass Christian Preschool is a NUT FREE school. This year you will be provided a list of safe snacks to bring to school. Only snacks listed may be brought to school. Please make sure your refer to this list when buying food for birthday parties. We also ask that you keep our nut free policy in mind when packing your child’s lunch. Because of this policy most “Lunchables” are not allowed.

Important Dates

September 16th – Spirit Day (Wear your Compass Preschool T-shirt)
September 18th – Substitute Orientation – 12:30pm
September 18th – Beginning of the Year Parent Meeting – 1:15pm
September 25th – Blue Day

Teacher Birthdays

September 4th – Lisa Endert
September 14th – Jamie Blankenship
September 18th – Jennifer Linker

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