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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

October Newsletter

From the Director
Fall is my favorite time of year! Between making pumpkin waffles with the children, exploring Hall’s Farm and the cooler weather it’s all just so delightful! Thank you so much for following our new snack guidelines and being patient with us as we adjust to our new security measures. Parent IDs should be complete within the next two weeks. They are taking a lot longer than we anticipated to process.

As we focus on nutrition and fitness with our staff and children this year, it is important to understand that all children grow and develop at different rates. Some children are short for their age and some are tall, each has its disadvantages and advantages. Children also develop movement skills at different rates. As their body proportions change, they begin to develop a sense of balance. They also gain more control of their large-muscle movements, such as those used in running, jumping and climbing. Differences in rates of development are normal. For example, a few children will learn to ride a two wheeler at age three, but most children will not develop this skill until age five, six or even older! Children do not develop movement skills from just growing older. Movement and physical development takes time, instruction and lots of practice.

Encourage Active Play
Play with your child, and offer encouragement as he or she practices new movement skills. Learning a new movement begins when your child sees the movement demonstrated by you or other children. New movements might include throwing a ball, jumping rope, or climbing the ladder for the slide. As your child tries new movements, support their efforts, and challenge them to explore ways to be successful. Your budding ball player may start by rolling a ball and tossing it underhand before trying to throw an overhand pitch. Start slow and easy, and offer lots of praise and encouragement! Run and play with your child and show them that being active is fun.

Mrs. Kim

Teacher’s Birthdays
October 19th – Dianna Wallace (Giraffe Class)

Important Dates
October 7th – Spirit Day/Pumpkin Patch at preschool for children in the One and Two Year Old Classes
October 14th – School Pictures for One and Two Year Old Classes/Pumpkin Patch at Hall’s Farm for children in the Three, Four and TK Classes/Book Fair begins
October 16th – School Pictures for children in the Three Year Old Classes
October 17th – School Pictures for children in the Four and TK Classes
October 21st – Firemen Visit
October 23rd – Pumpkin Waffles with Ms Kim for the Two Year Old Classes
October 24th – Team Jersey Day
October 28th – Pumpkin Waffles with Ms Kim for the Three Year Old Classes
October 30th – Orange Day/Pumpkin Waffles with Ms Kim for One Year Old and TK Classes
October 31st – Pumpkin Waffles with Ms Kim for the Four Year Old Classes

Musical Notes
Fall in love with music! Just as all children are born with the potential to learn their native language; all children are born with the potential to learn to understand music. It is important to expose our children to different styles of music to develop their musical ear. Each month, songs from around the world are used for dancing, singing, and instrument play. Every class has an opportunity to play on instruments during rhythm time and the Bebop Band. Learning to play our rhythm instruments together promotes physical coordination, attention span, and community. Last month, we learned how to clap and make those claps loud or soft and fast or slow. During October, we will have fun learning how to play rhythm sticks. The Bebop Band is a time for self-expression as we play along to instrumental music. – Ms. Suzanne

Compass Christian Church News
Church Services:

Saturdays at the main campus

Sundays at the main campus
9am, 10:30am & 12:00pm

Sundays at Compass Center
11am & 5pm

Fall Carnival
Wednesday, October 28th from 6:30pm – 9:00pm
Bring the whole family out for a night of food and fun during the Compass Fall Carnival, prizes and candy, carnival games, interactive inflatables, bungee jumps, pony rides, a petting zoo, rock walls and more! Invite a friend, co-worker or neighbor to Compass for all the fun!

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