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November Newsletter

From the Director

Is it really November? The holidays are upon us and I want to share with you a few tips to make the holiday more delightful for your preschool child.
1) Try to keep your child on their regular schedule. Children do not do well when their little world is out of sync. I know. There will be times that they go to bed later or miss their nap for the day but try to spread it out.

2) Try to see things from your child’s point of view. Large groups of people that they only see once a year can be overwhelming for most children. Do not force them to hug or show affection to relatives. They will do it when they feel comfortable. You might need to prepare your relatives if your child is reserved. Watch for safety hazards at family functions. Grandma’s purse is probably full of things like prescription medicine, nail scissors, etc. Also, ask the relative if they have a gun in their home. I always had to remind my father to move the one he kept in his bedside table.

3) Young children often have a hard time expressing their feelings. They are not going to tell you “Dad, I am ready to go home now. Three hours at the mall shopping has worn me out.”. They are going to throw and fit and act out. Their little bodies need rest. Teach your child how to relax when they feel anxious or upset. Some children become hyper when they are tired or do not get enough rest.

Children need more sleep than adults. Most young children need ten to twelve hours of sleep each night and a nap during the day. Children need a schedule that allows them to get enough sleep. Some children resist bedtime and sleep. Often the more tired they are, the more they try to stay awake. Children will fall asleep more quickly if they have a routine that allows them to relax before bedtime. This routine may include taking a bath, brushing teeth, reading a story, getting a last drink of water and lots of hugs.

Many children are afraid of the dark, of noises, and of thunderstorms. These fears are very real to children. A night-light or lamp may make some children feel more secure. Playing soft music or spraying some lavender on their pillow may help a child who has trouble sleeping. Some children have bad dreams. It is usually caused by seeing or experiencing a frightening event. Watching scary television shows or hearing adults talk about violent or dangerous events can scare children. Some children’s stories and fairy tales can frighten children. Nightmare are very real to a child. If you know what your child is afraid of you can prevent some bad dreams from happening.

Stone Soup
This year we going to spend the week before Thanksgiving focusing on the story “Stone Soup”. The basic story is that some travellers come to a village, carrying nothing more than an empty cooking pot. Upon their arrival, the villagers are unwilling to share any of their food with the hungry travellers. Then the travellers go to a stream and fill the pot with water, drop a large stone in it, and place it over a fire. One of the villagers becomes curious and asks what they are doing. The travellers answer that they are making “stone soup”, which tastes wonderful, although it still needs a little bit of garnish to improve the flavor, which they are missing. The villager does not mind parting with a few carrots to help them out, so that gets added to the soup. Another villager walks by, inquiring about the pot, and the travellers again mention their stone soup which has not reached its full potential yet. The villager hands them a little bit of seasoning to help them out. More and more villagers walk by, each adding another ingredient. Finally, a delicious and nourishing pot of soup is enjoyed by all.

The children will have activities set up in their classrooms to extend the story, we will read and act out the story and then on Thursday we will all enjoy a lunch of “Stone Soup” and bread. This will take the place of the three, four and TK classes usual Thanksgiving Feasts. We look forward to teaching the children about cooperation, sharing and kindness with this traditional fable.

November Teachers Birthdays
8th – Billie Jean Weaver (Tiger Class)

Important Dates
November 6th – Brown Day
November 11th – Spirit Day and Circus Train
November 20th – Stone Soup Day
November 21st – Four-Year-Old Classes Thanksgiving Performance
November 24th – 28th – Thanksgiving Break

Musical Notes
Music is the feast for the soul! Just like a feast, it is important to have a variety of things from which to pick- old favorites and new mix together to satisfy the senses. Each month, favorite songs like Pat-a-Cake and Itsy Bitsy Spider are mixed in with songs from around the world. Music from other cultures introduces new sounds and rhythms. An article, Why Multicultural Music is Important for Children, by Viola Pellegrini states that listening and learning songs from other cultures helps with language skills, concentration, and improves cognitive skills. “It opens the door to other cultures.” This month in music, we will be singing and playing along with songs that have origins from Native American culture as well as jazz tunes from the South and learning how to shake things up with the egg shakers.

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