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November Newsletter


The holiday season is upon us! It is such a wonderful time of year for families to spend time together and do many fun activities. Sometimes the holiday season can be hard on children especially those who need to follow a schedule and don’t like change. Below are some things to keep in mind to make this holiday season easier for you and your child.
· Try to keep your child’s schedule as consistent as possible. Don’t feel like you need to do EVERYTHING and accept every invitation your receive. Make a calendar and mark special event days. Talk to your child about what the plans are for the day so they know what to expect.

· Think about what traditions you want to have with your child – elf on the shelf, shopping and donating toys to needy children, Polar Express train rides, decorating holiday cookies, making pumpkin waffles J, advent calendars, etc. Focus on keeping these traditions going each year.

· Focus on what your child might be trying to tell you. Children won’t say, “Mommy, we have been at the mall for five hours and I would like to go home now”. They will scream, throw fits and act out. All they know is that they can’t take anymore shopping.

· Remember that your child does not know all of your relatives. Some of them your child may not see but once a year. Don’t force your child to hug or sit on someone’s lap if they don’t want to. Kindly, explain your child needs to warm up and get to know the relative. With my daughter, I would remind my family in advance that she needs time to adjust to a new environment and people.

· Keep an eye on your child while playing with older cousins and children. Older children often play games and do things that are not appropriate for a young child. Unfortunately, a few years ago we had a child that was assaulted by an older cousin. It split their family apart and was traumatic for all of them.

· Make sure the environment is safe. Grandma’s purse is probably full of things a child should not have access to such as pills, nail clippers, etc. When visiting my father’s house, I would always have to check his bedside table as he would keep a handgun there and would not always remember to put it out of reach.

· Rest and relax. Have fun. Sneak away if your child seems overwhelmed, snuggle and read a story. Take a nap with them. Go on a walk. Learn to read your child for clues that they are overwhelmed or overstimulated.


Also, if you are going to start Christmas shopping please click on the link below for some great guidelines when buying toys.


Happy Thanksgiving!
Mrs. Kim


Music is the feast for the soul! Just like a feast, it is important to have a variety of things from which to pick- old favorites and new mix together to satisfy the senses. Each month, favorite songs like I’m a Little Teapot and Hey Diddle Diddle are mixed in with songs from around the world. Music from other cultures introduces new sounds and rhythms. An article, Why Multicultural Music is Important for Children, by Viola Pellegrini, states that listening and learning songs from other cultures helps with language skills, concentration, and improves cognitive skills. “It opens the door to other cultures.” This month in music, we will be singing and playing along with songs that have origins from Native American culture as well as jazz tunes from the South. We are going to celebrate the season by cooking up some moves by dancing to All Around the Kitchen, picking some Paw Paws, and shake, shake, shaking our egg shakers. The children in the three-year-old program will be learning their songs for the Christmas program on December 17th at 12:30pm.


Tuesday, November 10th – Spirit Day and Circus Train to Visit
Tuesday, November 17th – The Story of Stone Soup
Thursday, November 19th – Brown Day
November 24th – 27th – Thanksgiving Break


November 24th – Stephanie Green (Elephant Class)
November 28th – Farrah Smith (Tiger Class)


This month, the children will be bringing specific food items to school for us to make Stone Soup as part of our unit on Thanksgiving. We will donate the items to the GRACE Food Pantry. Your child’s teacher will send home information about which items your child will bring to school.

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