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October Newsletter

From the Director
One of my favorite childhood experiences was to going to the local dump with my dad on Saturday to drop off our trash. My mom would always tease us that we came back with more than we dropped off. My dad and I would walk around looking for “treasures” to bring back home. My dad was only twenty three years old when I was five so he was still somewhat of a child himself. We would bring back all kinds of treasures; broken bicycles, pallets of wood, assorted balls and just plain old junk. My mom was so great about letting us have this time together and not bothering us about all the “projects” we were working on. I spent my early elementary years playing in my tree house that my dad built for me, climbing trees, riding my bike, digging in the dirt and fishing. Sadly, most children today don’t have this opportunity.

My children were lucky enough that they were able to explore parts of our neighborhood and the Colleyville Nature Center. I didn’t mind if they got messy and wish I would have given them more opportunities to get dirty. Every Sunday, we would make chocolate pudding for dessert and they got to help “Whisk it, Whisk it” and lick the spoon and bowl. My son will never forget the football practice that the coaches let them scrimmage in the mud. The look of pure joy on the faces of his teammates is one I will never forget. I have been seeing more information online about the importance of letting children get messy, to play with real materials and have more unstructured play outdoors. Many of our students come to school and they have never finger painted, explored different types of play dough or even sat and explored a sand box. I would like to challenge you to provide more opportunities for your children to get messy. Give them an area of the backyard to dig, let them help you in the kitchen and give them real materials to play with on their own. We all know that children love a cardboard box so let them make it their own. If you are brave enough to accept my challenge, please send me a photo. I would love to see how creative and messy your little one can get having fun. Below is a photo of me and my dad, Nick after his muddy scrimmage and Sara and Nick helping make chocolate pudding. Enjoy!

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Colleyville Nature Center – Mill Creek and Mill Wood Drive
This park includes: 46 acres of natural refuge, nine ponds, 3.5 miles of multi-use trails, amphitheater, covered pavilion with a grill, rest benches, playground and fishing pier.
From Highway 26 go west on Glade and south on Mill Creek

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Musical Notes
Fall in love with music! Just as all children are born with the potential to learn their native language; all children are born with the potential to understand music. Ones and Twos are using their language skills as they try to get the itsy-bitsy spider up the water spout. Leaves are falling while we learn about self-expression with scarves. Threes are playing their first instruments, the rhythm sticks, and how to play as a band. Fours and TK are exploring the ABC’s of music by learning the difference between beats and rhythms. We are using boomwhackers to make simple rhythms and follow the beat. And of course, all the kids get a chance to “Fool Around”, a jazz piece, with different instruments during the Bebop band.

Important Dates
4th – School Photos for One, Two and TK Classes
6th – School Photos for the Three-Year-Old Classes
7th – School Photos for the Four-Year-Old Classes
11th – Spirit Day – Wear your school shirt!
13th – Fire Truck Visit
18th – Pumpkin Patch Field Trip
20th – Pumpkin Waffles for two-year-old classes
21st – Pumpkin Waffles for the four-year-old classes
25th – Pumpkin Waffles for the three-year-old classes
27th – Orange Day – Wear your favorite orange clothes!
– TK and 1’s Pumpkin Waffles
28th – Team Jersey Day – Support your favorite team

Teacher Birthdays
10th – Kristin Comstock (Dolphin Class)
19th – Dianna Wallace (Giraffe Class)

Compass Christian Church Events
Fall Carnival – Thursday, October 27th from 6pm – 9pm.
You are invited to our Annual Fall Carnival. Bring your family, friends and neighbors for a night of family fun!

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