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November Newsletter

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Note from the Director

“Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children.” – Alex Haley

The holidays are upon us and for most of us that means getting together with relatives.  If your family is like mine, it is filled with many different characters. My family is loud and very affectionate and this was overwhelming for one of my children. A little pre-planning can help if you have a child that needs time to warm up to people they don’t see all the time or new environments. Below are some helpful tips to make this holiday season easier on your children and hopefully, you.

  1. Talk to relatives in advance, letting them know that your child needs time to warm up to new situations. I know they want to immediately hug and kiss them but your child needs time to adjust, just give them a little time and space in the beginning.
  2. Bring toys and items that your child loves to play with so that they have items that are familiar to them. Games and books are good choices as it will give relatives something to do with your child.
  3. Look through a photo album and talk about the family members that will be at the gathering.
  4. Have your child help with holiday preparations such as making placemats, help making a food item or setting the table.
  5. Remember to ask the host and hostess to make sure the environment is safe for young children. I would always have to remind my dad to put his gun in the safe (it was in his bedside table) and make sure my mother had her purse out of reach. I would always walk around the house and move some items out of reach so they didn’t get broken.
  6. If alcohol is served, ask everyone to make sure it is put out of reach of your child. As a child, I would often finish the whiskey sours that were left out, which may explain a lot. It was funny back then but in hindsight probably not a good idea.
  7. Try to keep your child on their regular schedule as much as possible. If you see your child breaking down or getting overwhelmed, take them on a walk or sneak away for some quite snuggle time.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Bonding with Grandparents

Strong Grandparent Relationship

Musical Notes

Music is food for the soul.  Just like a diverse diet ensures that we maintain a healthy body, listening to a diverse selection of music ensures that we have broad based language skills.  In music, I try to serve a large selection of jazz, bluegrass, and classic childhood songs while sprinkling in music from around the world. Several articles point out that listening to songs from other cultures promote concentration, cognitive skills, and lays down the foundation for understanding and appreciating other cultures as they grow up.  If you are not familiar with age appropriate multicultural music, let me recommend the many cd’s from Putumayo.  A great website resource is Mama Lisa’s World International Music and Culture.  I like Mama Lisa’s because it have nursey rhymes and songs in many different languages and audio to help with pronunciation.  This month in music, 1s and 2s will be shaking those shaker eggs, practicing their best turkey moves, and listening to classic fiddle tunes.  The 3s are learning their Christmas songs for the Christmas program on December 13th.  The 4s and TK continue to play boomwhackers and will strut their stuff to Turkey in the Straw. – Mrs. Suzanne

Important Dates

1st – Pumpkin Waffles – One Year Old Classes and Transitional Kindergarten

6th – Spirit Day

13th – Brown Day

19th – 23rd – Thanksgiving Break

29th – Coffee with Director – Come join Mrs. Kim and Mrs. Elizabeth for coffee and pastries! We will be discussing developmental stages and what you can do at home to help your child grow and learn. 9:15am in the True North Chapel

Teacher Birthdays

3rd – Cheryl Redfern

24th – Stephanie Green

Compass Christian Church

Please join us for church on Thursday nights at our Colleyville Campus at 6:30pm. You can always come early at 5:30pm and join us for dinner in the True North Chapel or there is food for purchase from the food trucks. This is a wonderful time to come to church with your preschool child. The atmosphere is very family oriented and a slower pace than on Sunday.

Compass Church Website

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