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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Summer Camp 2019


Compass Christian Preschool


Summer Camp 2019



This camp will be taught by Compass Christian Preschool staff and is only open to currently enrolled students in our 2018-2019 classes who are fully potty trained.  AGE REQUIREMENT:  Current 2s,  3s, 4s & TK students.

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis as spots are limited.

We will spend the summer learning about Creation. The campers will participate in numerous hands on science, math and cooking activities, as well as fun games and art activities.

Registration Fee & Full payment for each camp session is due by Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Camp days are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9am-2pm.

Parents please mark the weeks your child will attend and keep this page


Week 1 – $125.00       May 28 – May 31                                Week 5  – $125.00       July 16 – July 19


Week 2 – $125.00       June 4 – June 7                                   Week 6 – $125.00       July 23 – July 26


Week 3 – $125.00       June 25 – June 28                               Week 7 – $125.00       July 30 – August 2


Week 4 – $125.00       July 9 – July 12




Application Fee:                     This fee is non-refundable and is $25 per child.  This fee is not discounted.


Weekly Camp Tuition:           $125.00 per week.  ALL Camp Tuition fees are due in full   

                                                        Tues. April 9, 2019.  NO refunds will be given for camp

                                                        session fees after Tues. May 7, 2019.


Camp Tuition Discount:         A $25 per child tuition discount applies for families with two or

more children enrolled in the program.  The discount starts with the second or third child.


Camp Tuition Due Date:        Tuesday, April 9, 2019 – FULL payment for each camp session is

due for each student.  If your payment is not received by this date,

your child’s place in the camp will be released.  NO refunds will be

given for camp session fees after Tues. May 7, 2019


Sick Child Policy:                    The same sick child policy applies for Summer Camp:

ALL children must be fever- free for 24 hours without medication

before returning to school.  Make up days will not be offered.


Camp Attendance Changes:  Select your camp weeks carefully as it will not be possible to

change weeks after the April 9, 2019 due date.  If you desire to

add a week and space is available you may do so with a one week

notice, switching weeks will not be possible.


Bug Spray & Sunscreen:         Students will be going outside during Summer Camp, please

apply bug spray and sunscreen before coming to Camp.



Compass Christian Preschool – CREATION Camp

 Summer Camp 2019


Please complete 1 form for each child.   Please select the Camp Week or Weeks Below:

Week 1 __________                 Week 2 __________                 Week 3__________                  Week 4 __________

    (5/28-5/31)                                                     (6/4 – 6/7)                                                     (6/25 – 6/28)                                                (7/9-7/12)


Week 5 __________                 Week 6 __________                 Week 7 _________

    (7/16 – 7/19)                                                   (7/23-7/26)                                                  (7/30-8/2)


I understand the application fee is non-refundable.Parent’s Initials______________

Summer Camp Tuition is due by Tuesday, April 9, 2019and is alsonon-refundable.Parent’s Initials______________


Camper’s Name_____________________________________________________          _______________________

First                                     Middle                                  Last                         Name to appear on nametag


Current Teacher _________________________             Male  _____  Female _____  Date of Birth ________________




Address                                                                                                                City                                                                   Zip


_________________________________________                                  _______________________________________________

Home Phone Number                                                                                      Email


_________________________________________                                  _______________________________________________

Mother’s Name                                                                                                  Father’s Name


_________________________________________                                  _______________________________________________

Mother’s Daytime Phone Number                                                                Father’s Daytime Phone Number


Emergency Contact (Other than Parent):


Name ________________________________________Relationship _________________________________________




Daytime Phone Number _________________________Cell Phone Number ___________________________________




List other siblings enrolled in this program and their date of birth:



Campers who register prior to April 25thare guaranteed to receive a spirit shirt.  Registration forms received after April 25thwill receive camp spirit shirt based on availability.  Please select the size t-shirt your child will wear at summer camp. _____ X-Small (2/4)  _____ Small (6/8) _____ Medium (10/12)


Office Use Only:

Date of Admission __________         Check Number _____________         Amount __________

Office Managers Initials ______        Accountant’s Initials __________     Teacher __________________ Class Name _____________

Arena _____________________      Nametag_____ Email_____ T-shirt _____

Compass Christian Preschool – CREATIONSummer Camp 2019


Camper’s Name__________________________________________      Date of Birth ____________________________

First                                      Middle                                      Last                                                                                   Month/Day/Year


Physician’s Name & Address _______________________________        Physician’s Phone Number _________________

If I cannot be reached to decide for medical treatment, I authorize any representative of Compass Christian Preschool to administer first aid to and/or call 9-1-1 to transport _____________________ (my child) to the nearest hospital or emergency treatment clinic. I authorize and hereby give my consent for any necessary medical treatment, emergency or otherwise, agree to pay all medical fees incurred in connection with the treatment of my child under the authority granted herein.  I hereby release CCP and any health care provider, and any of their respective agents, employees, officers, or representatives from any and all liability for any action taken on behalf of my child pursuant to the terms of this medical authorization.


__________________________________________________________________                                                _____________________________________

Parent or Legal Guardian Signature                                                                    Date



N/A ________ This does not apply to my child.  He/She does not have any medical issues.

Please list any special problems, needs, allergies or disabilities your child has: ___________________________________



List medications your child takes for long-term, continuous use for allergies or special needs: _______________________________




Medical Insurance Provider __________________________________  Policy Number ___________________________

Group Number ____________________________________________   Member ID Number  ______________________

Phone Number ______________________________


Authorized Student Pick up Release

I hereby authorize CCP to allow my child to leave the school with only the person listed below.  In the event that a person “not listed” has to pick up my child, I understand that CCP must receive a phone call from one of the approved parents stating who that person will be.  Persons listed DO NOT need to go to the office prior to pick up.


Upon arrival at CCP the unauthorized person must go to the preschool office and present their photo driver’s license for copying and placing in my child’s registration file.  This procedure must be done even if the person picking up is a CCP parent or church employee.  Once this is complete this person may proceed to the classroom for pickup.

Parent Signature_________________________________________________


Name _____________________________________                    Address ____________________________________

Relationship to Child ________________________                       Phone Number ______________________________


Name _____________________________________                    Address ____________________________________

Relationship to Child ________________________                       Phone Number ______________________________


Name _____________________________________                    Address ____________________________________

Relationship to Child ________________________                       Phone Number ______________________________





I hereby give permission for my child to participate in any activities which constitute a part of CCP Program  _____ Yes     _____ No Water Table Activities             _____ Yes     _____ No

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