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April Newsletter


From the Director

Going on a walk with your child(ren) is a wonderful learning opportunity. It can take a long time because they often want to stop and look at everything they see. My children would always have lots of questions for me, often I didn’t know the answers so I would have to write them down to research at home. This time together is still one of my favorite memories. The one time I remember most is when we went on a night walk. As we were heading home, we decided to walk down a new street that we had not explored yet. It was getting really dark and I just wanted to get home to give them a bath and then we heard a noise we had not heard before. I could not figure out what it might be but it kept getting louder as we walked and then we found the source of the noise – bull frogs! We were so excited to find them and spent a very long time trying to catch one. Both children held them and of course, wanted to take one home. We left them behind so they could live with their family. Every time I walk or drive down that street I think of this precious time with my babies. Below are some ideas to make going on a nature walk a new adventure. If you find anything super cool like a bull frog take a photo for me. This is what they sound like –



  1. Go for a nature scavenger hunt.

Find something that:

Is a certain color

Is dry, wet, shiny, or pretty

Is tiny or huge

The wind blows


Has no legs, four legs, or six legs

Or make up your own ideas!

  1. Put a twist on your scavenger hunt:

Find three flowers that are different. Smell the flowers. Close your eyes and see if you can identify the flowers by smell.

Find a fuzzy leaf. Find a leaf that releases an aroma when crushed, such as sage.

Try finding things in categories, such as items with bark, items that are high, or items with branches.

  1. Observe and sketch.

Examine items carefully and draw what you see. For example, find flowers of different colors and point out the petals and other parts. Or find a variety of leaves and observe the different shapes, colors, textures, and veins. You and your child can imagine you are scientists, observing and documenting what you see.

  1. Follow an ant trail.

Look up and look down, look all around, and feel free to crawl on the ground. Place a small piece of food nearby and watch what happens.

  1. Observe a tree throughout the seasons.

Watch for leaf and flower buds bursting in the spring, insects buzzing in the summer, and leaves changing colors in the fall. During all seasons, watch for visitors to the tree—birds and small animals looking for food or a resting place.

  1. Find nature in surprising places.

Look for places to explore near where you live. Nature can hide in the cracks of a sidewalk, under the stairs, in abandoned lots, or on the edges of manicured lawns. Don’t worry if you don’t live near an open field, a forest, a desert, or a seashore.

  1. Press flowers and leaves.

Find flowers and let them dry, pressed between the pages of a heavy book. Once they are dry, use them to make crafts. For example, put clear contact paper over the flowers to make a placemat. In the fall, try the same activity with leaves. Find orange, yellow, purple, red, or brown leaves. Find a dry leaf and crunch it!

  1. Explore holes and mud.

In an out-of-the-way corner, dig a hole and pour water in it to see what happens. Ask your child where she thinks the water goes. Play with the mud, squish it between your toes, and jump over or in the hole. When you are done, fill the hole with dirt again, and check it later to see what’s growing there.

  1. Explore seeds.

Find some weeds! How are their seeds dispersed? Do the seeds cling to your clothes, are they carried by the wind, or are they flung when the seedpods are touched? Ask your child what he discovered during this investigation.

  1. Collect conservatively.

Discuss collecting with your child. If the ground is carpeted with acorns or flowers, it’s probably okay to take one unless it’s on a refuge where collecting is prohibited. Examine something for a few hours and then let it go again. Keep fireflies in a jar and release them the next morning. Transfer fish, turtles, or frogs to an aquarium for a night. Some fish will survive in an aquarium if you transfer them with the same water from where you found them.

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Summer Camp

Give your child a summer exploring God’s amazing creations!  Our summer camps are

packed with awesome sensory activities, educational visitors, special projects, and more!


This camp will be taught by Compass Christian Preschool staff and is only open to currently enrolled students in our 2018-2019 classes who are fully potty trained.


Camp (non-refundable) registration fee is $25 per child.  Weekly Camp tuition is $125 per child per week.

ALL Camp Tuition fees are due in full Tues. April 9, 2019.


Camp days are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9am-2pm.

Week 1            May 28 – May 31

Week 2            June 4 – June 7

Week 3            June 25 – June 28

Week 4            July 9 – July 12

Week 5            July 16 – July 19

Week 6            July 23 – July 26

Week 7            July 30 – August 2

Musical Notes

April Newsletter

Spring is in the air! It is hard not to wiggle like a worm, hop to it like a bunny, soak in the sunshine, or listen to the rain hitting on the windows.  Each of these experiences can be experienced through music.  Music is an important element in a child’s development. Very early in their life, children will start to identify rhythm and even move to the beats of music. After all, music is meant to touch our souls! During this month, we will be learning about animal sounds when we travel to Grandpa’s Farm and pretend to be cows, sheep, dogs, and horses.  There might even be a baby shark making an appearance.  The 2s will be exploring triangles and rhythm sticks while the 3s will be using all the instruments we explored during the year to form a band.    Old MacDonald’s farm has been taken over by drums, sticks, triangles, and much, much more.    The Fours will be learning their songs for the spring program on May 15th at 6:30pm.  TK will be learning to play the hand bells for their open house on May 3rd.


Important Dates

2nd – Autism Awareness Day

4th – “Brainius” Special Guest Appearance

Love and Logic Parenting Class – 9:15am

9th – Spirit Day

10th – Parent Conferences

11th – Palm Parade

Love and Logic Parenting Class – 9:15am

17th – Parent Conferences

18th – Love and Logic Parenting Class – 9:15am

19th – Good Friday – NO SCHOOL

25th –  Yellow Color Day – Wear your favorite yellow clothes

26th – Kindergarten Readiness Parent Meeting – 1:00pm in the True North Chapel

30th – Petting Zoo


Teacher Birthdays

3rd – Loey Venable

24th – Crystal Lentz

28th – Briana Gill


Compass Christian Church Easter Services

Colleyville Campus

Thursday, April 18th 6:30pm

Friday, April 19th 6:30pm

Saturday, April 20th 3:30pm, 5pm, 6:30pm

Sunday, April 21st 8:30am, 10am, 11:30am

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