New Payment System

Preschool Parents:

We have converted to a new payment system on our Compass Christian Preschool website. The payment system can be on accessed via the website through the “Pay Online” tab or by the link provided below. The first time you enter the system, you will register, after that it will just be a login to access the payment portal. You will be able to set up recurring payments or go in each month to process a payment. Tuition is due the 1st of each month.

Compass Christian Preschool Payment system link:

Click the PAY NOW Button

You will be able to select one of two options in the drop down.

  1. ACH providing your bank account and routing number with no fee.
  2. Credit Card with a set fee of $4.00 per transaction.

The major changes you will see:

  1. The no fee option of paying with ACH
  2. The change in the Credit Card fee
  3. There is no longer a “Cart” item selection process that calculates the total for you

Things to remember when processing a payment:

  1. Do I have a discount of $50 per month for a second child?
  2. Please include the name of each child when paying for multiple with one transaction
  3. Is my payment after the 6th of the month, a $5 per day late fee will need to be added?
  4. Have I paid my semester supply fee?
  5. Do I want to pay more than one month?
  6. Do I have a Bill Pay set up that I need to cancel?
  7. Is there anything I can add in the Description field for clarification?

 Questions regarding payment should be directed to our assistant director of finance, Lindy Pappas (817) 259-2161

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